Two Types of Foreigners Working in Japan


I usually walk around the city and find some foreigners anywhere. I got some questions.


What are they working on?


It means their jobs. I asked some people their jobs. Some people said they are working remotely for the companies in their country. Some people have their specific skills, like 3D modeling, Engineer and thier painting and designing skills.


Usually people who don't have the skills like them and cant speak Japanese well work teaching English, but they said it's not fun enough.


Maybe, if you come to Japan without Japanese language skills and have to work, you have only choice to work in some restaurant or the school.


In my opinion, there are two types of the foreigners working in Japan.

One is people who speak English ( from the countries like England, Australia and the USA I guess ). Another one is people who don't speak English ( they can use English but not their mother tongue ).

The formers work as an English teacher, while the latter work in the restaurant like "Jank Food restaurant" (Jank Food means there are a lot of things very cheap in Japan and you can eat quickly like hamburger but UNHEALTHY).


Which one is better?


Absolutely, in my opinion, 100%, An English Teacher.

it's because it's not a phisical work. You dont have to run, carry heavy lagguages and use your muscle. But you will be tired of Japanese people's characteristics.






It totally depends on your reason why you are in Japan.

There are very fewer people who want to learn Japanese, but they came working in Japan. Why?

They came to Japan for Money. They dont care about the language.


Usually Japanese people think that the reason why people come overseas is because they want to learn the language ( mostly English ). It's not typical for the foreigners.

Very Very Rarely, there are some poeple who want to learn Japanese.

So, if you are people like them, it's good to work in the restaurant, because there are a lot of the Japanese students and you can make friends with them. They might tell you which one is a good restaurant or where the good place to hang out around is. They also are interested in the other country's culture so that you can talk to them about the culture, which is about the thing not interesting to you ( because it's too common to you ) but it might be interesting to THEM.


That can be the reason why you work in Japan. If you are interested in coming to Japan and learn Japanese, it can be a good choice.


If you are the foreigners and interested in Japan, let me know what you are interested in about Japan. I would write about it.