What is the best programming language that you have to learn first?


When you start thinking about learning programming, you might have to think about what language you will learn. That's obviously important, because the first step is the most important thing in the world. If you start to learn something which you might think will be boring, that can be a nightmare. You have to think more seriously about the first language you will learn.


So, you might wonder how you find your language which opens the path to your programming world.


All things written here comes from the point of view of mine. That's not general so that you can refer to my opinion but the last decision has to be done by YOU.



The criterion to choose your language

That obviously depeds on what you want to do with programming.


If you want to use programming for Web Developing, there are many choices you can take but there are few that are suitable for something like Deep Learning, Building the Sever, or App Developing.


Web Programming

As I mentioned above, there are some that might be suitable for Web developing.

The most language used in Web developing is...



PHP is the most popular language in Web developing because most poeple say it's easy to learn. I don't know the exact reason why PHP is thought to be easy to learn but, I guess, PHP is used only for Web.

PHP is use in any places, so if you want to get a job as a web dveloper, you might be required to use PHP. 




Ruby is also popular, because there is the good Framework for Ruby. Ruby on Rails is the popular framework. Framework is the bunch of the functions prepared for Web developing. Ruby on Rails is the very useful framework. There are a lot of things you can do with it like easy Web developing, sever side and App.




In my opinion, JavaScript is the hottest language in these days. For a while, JS had been thought to be the language only used to decorate the Markdown pages written in HTML/CSS, but I found it much more useful because of Node.js and React.js which are very useful and hottest tech right away.


The popular tech is moving on quickly, so the tech is going to be old, as soon as you learn the language. However I'm sure JS doesn't betray you. JS is going to work more than you expect.



Deep Learning

I'm not an engineer of Deep Learning so I'm not sure I can say in the right way, but if you want to learn Deep Learning...



is the best choice. Python has the a lot of the library for Deep learning. Python is good at Math. Python is the very powerful language. It's also used for Web and Statistics.

AI can be done in Python. Python has the concept of "Readable" so that you can read Python easily and write.


I'm sure Python is the helpful for you to do what you want to do. The only disadvantage is that there are fewer jobs in Japan. Python is not popular in Japan so much. It's getting popular a little by little but it's going to take some more time.



is also famous for Deep Learning and Statistics. Google also is using Python and R.  A lot of the companies are using Python and R. That would be the powerful, if you learnt Python and R.



Android App


Java was the only language which can make Android App. Now, we have Kotlin which also can make Android App.

Java is the most powerful language ever, not only in Web but also in Sever, App and Embedding. A lot of the companies require Java Developers.

I don't think it's good for the very beginners to learn Java because it's a little bit complicated for the beginner, but Java has the big community, which means you could search information everytime you are stack.


iOS App


This languege is the very new language which Apple made. It's said that Swift is easier to build iOS App than Objective-C which was the only language for iOS App. Swift is necesarily required to learn if you want to be an iOS developer.




The language has its own trails. It depends on what you want to do.


There is one sure thing which is that, if you learn at least one language, it's going to make it easier to learn the next language, so when you think it's difficult to learn, you can change your language for a while. It might be the good way to learn the concept of the programming terms.